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Kucker & Bruh Represents Brooklyn Landlord in Class-Action Overcharge Claim

Nativ Winiarsky, a partner at Kucker & Bruh, LLP, is set to argue against certification of a class of tenants seeking treble damages for various overcharges claims. Learn More

Summary Of The 2019 Amendments to the NY Rent Laws

Please click here to read a summary of the 2019 Amendments to the NY Rent Laws. Kucker & Bruh, LLP is ready to assist our clients to navigate through the omnibus changes. Learn More

Remain vigilant in enforcement of existing lease obligations and existing statutory obligations

As the Rent Stabilization Law remains in flux, awaiting lawmakers’ decisions on new laws to replace those set to expire on June 15, 2019, one thing remains constant: the need for building owners to remain vigilant in enforcement of existing lease obligations and existing statutory obligations. With the proposed repeal of vacancy bonuses (which have allowed rents to be raised up to 20% upon the vacancy of an outgoing Rent Stabilized tenant, plus additional bonuses if the outgoing tenant was in occupancy for at least 8 years), it is understandable that property owners may desire to pull back on enforcing the leases and laws which govern them, as may very well exhibit a similar reluctance to incur legal fees for such enforcement if they perceive a diminished incentive to do so.

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