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Kucker & Bruh, LLP's legal professionals are highly regarded as experts in their respective fields and routinely issue articles summarizing general legal trends or noteworthy decisions rendered by a federal or state court judge.

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K&B Represents Seller of $7.7 Million Condo in Historic Manhattan Building

Robyn Jagroop represented the seller of a luxury condominium in the famous Century condominium building. The Upper West Side building was officially landmarked by the Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1985 and is famous for its art deco architectural style.

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K&B Represents Seller of 176 Acre Upstate Property

Robyn Jagroop represented the seller of a large parcel of land in Upstate New York. The property, located in Greene County, boasted 176 acres of open space. The land was sold to the City of New York following lengthy negotiations.

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Andrew Bittens Wins Favorable Decision for Landlords at Appellate Division

Andrew Bittens, Esq. a partner at K&B, received a favorable decision on appeal in which the Appellate Division, First Department affirmed the lower court’s grant of a motion for summary judgment.

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K&B Represents Seller of Four Residential Buildings in Upper East Side

Alan Kucker and Robyn Jagroop represented the seller of four properties located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The four neighboring properties were located just blocks from 86th Street and Lexington Avenue and the East River walkway. The buildings are five stories high and each contain fifteen to twenty residential units.

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Patrick Munson Secures Favorable Decision for Landlords in Rent Overcharge Claim

The Appellate Division, First Department issued a favorable decision for landlords in a rent overcharge case. Patrick Munson, Of Counsel at K&B, represented the landlord. The case commenced when a tenant filed a claim against her landlord alleging her midtown Manhattan apartment was incorrectly deregulated and that her monthly rent constituted an illegal rent overcharge.

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Landlord is Awarded Possession of $110.00 per Month Rent-Controlled Apartment

In a licensee-holdover proceeding, Gregg Kurlander, Of Counsel at K&B, helped a landlord regain possession of a $110.00 per month rent-controlled apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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Nativ Winiarsky Responds to New York Post Article Featuring a K&B Case

In this case, 82 occupants brought an action against the owner of several Brooklyn buildings and claimed that each of their units should be subject to rent stabilization laws.

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Nikolaos Preponis, Esq. Secures Favorable Decision in Non-Primary Residence Proceeding

Nikolaos Preponis, Of Counsel at K&B, successfully defended the validity of a non-primary residence holdover involving a corporate tenant after the Respondent submitted a motion to dismiss the proceeding. In their motion, the Respondent claimed that the Notice of Non-Renewal was fatally defective because one of the occupants of the subject apartment was not named in the Notice.

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Landlord Wins Warrant of Eviction against Tenant who Failed to Provide Access

A landlord commenced a holdover proceeding against a rent-stabilized Tenant who consistently disregarded his obligations under both his written lease and the Rent Stabilization Code by refusing to provide the Landlord with access to make repairs in the apartment. The Tenant continuously contacted HPD to report violations in the apartment and would then refuse to provide access once a violation was issued. The tenant’s refusal to provide the landlord with access resulted in the landlord being unable to remedy the various issues in the apartment.

Ultimately, the Landlord requested access to make repairs 27 individual times by sending written requests to the tenant. The tenant ignored each of these 27 requests and continued to refuse access. At the request of the landlord, K&B commenced a holdover proceeding against the tenant based on his persistent refusal to provide access to the landlord. After the trial, the court ruled in favor of the landlord and issued a warrant of eviction that could be executed if the tenant did not provide access within ten days. Nikolaos Preponis represented the landlord.

Successful Defense of ECB Violations

On January 25, 2017, James Marino, a partner at Kucker & Bruh, LLP, secured dismissal of three (3) violations issued by the Department of Buildings after a hearing conducted at the Environmental Control Board (Violation numbers 35124143J; 35124145N; 35124146P).